Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Sky dragon is happy as he is taking kids to the Fire nation where the coronation ceremony of the young PRINCE (few months old but can talk and is born with full knowledge of special powers/secrets of the Fire-clan) is to take place. At the ceremony the imposter queen reveals her true identity- she is the SNOW QUEEN (sworn enemy of the Fire nation) She snatches away the firestone of special powers from the King and unleashes her powers on the fire nation– destroying all and turning it into a frozen wasteland. Bheem and kids help the Sky Dragon save the prince but the Snow Queen pursues. Sky Dragon gets frozen by her attack but manages to hide the Prince. Kids barely manage to get away as the angry Snow Queen, unable to find the prince buries everything under a thick blanket of snow and leaves.

Kids learn survival in the barren land while searching for the hidden Prince- Locate and dig at the palace site, find the Prince. Prince tells them the details about rivalry between the Fire and Ice clans (Fire clan has a red motif, so fire-stone, fire-sword, their clothing etc is all red, likewise Ice clan has a blue color motif for their objects etc) and a peace treaty abiding by which the Fire nation’s Fire-Sword and the Ice Nation’s Blue sword were buried away. But Snow Queen betrayed and attacked. The Prince now needs to acquire the Fire-Sword to fight her. They start travelling to the Fire-Sword location but are attacked by the Snow-Queen’s minions: the Ice Giants. While Bheem bravely fights off a few many more arrive and get away, taking the Prince with them. Kids follow them secretly back to their camp and later sneak in and steal the prince back- but Prince has been trapped in an Ice bubble that kids don’t know how to break.

To avoid further attacks, kids build a hollow ice sculpture– travel under it to avoid detection. Since the prince cannot come out of his ice bubble trap, he starts to train Bheem on how to control/use the elements (something like the firebending, airbending skills in the Last Airbender movie) so that Bheem can get to the Fire Sword and recover it. Bheem and kids learn and practice. Bheem uses his newly acquired skills to navigate difficult terrain/ hurdles and recovers the Fire-Sword; final fight with Snow Queen follows where she is defeated; Firestone is recovered from her; Ice from the Fire nation thaws; King, Sky Dragon and Prince unfreeze.; celebrations resume...